Chaires United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 19, 2014
A Lighthouse to our Community by Leading People to Christ.

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Sunday Worship


 9243 Parkhill Road   9:00 am - Adult Sunday School  Rev. Bill Petersen
 Tallahassee, FL  32317   9:00 am - Children's Sunday School (4 yrs - 5th Grade)  Office: 850-219-9361
 Office: 850-219-9361  10:00 am - Traditional Worship  Cell: 850-510-7759
   10:00 am - Children's Church (4 yrs - 3rd Grade)

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Maundy Thursday Communion

There will be a Maundy Thursday Communion Service on Thursday, April 17 at 7:00 pm after the CUMCC Meeting.

Trinity United Methodist Good Friday Service

Trinity United Methodist Church will be having a Good Friday Service at noon on Friday, April 18. There will be a $5.00 charge for the meal. Let Pastor Bill know if you plan to go. The address is 120 Park Avenue West.

Sunrise Service

The Sunrise Service will be at the Petrandis Farm with a breakfast following. Invite family and friends.

Sign Up for Church Altar Flower Arrangements

Please take a moment to sign up to provide the church altar flower arrangements.The schedule is in the hallway near the nursery. This is a wonderful way to honor loved ones.

This Week at Chaires UMC




 Sunday - April 13 (Palm Sunday)
 8:40 am
 9:00 am
 10:00 am
 Sunday School Assembly
 Sunday School
 Worship Service
 Monday - April 14  -  -
 Tuesday - April 14  -  -
 Wednesday - April 16
 6:00 pm
 7:00 pm
 Men's Bible Study
 Thursday - April 17
 6:30 pm
 7:00 pm 
 CUMCC Meeting
 Maundy Thursday Communion
 Friday - April 18  -    -
 Saturday - April 19  -  -
 Sunday - April 20 (Easter) 
 7:00 am
 9:00 am
 Sunrise Service (Petrandis Farm)
 Sunday School
 Worship Service 

Treats for the Troops

Contact:  Maggie Hall -  or (850) 386-8599
Troop Supplies:
Money Contributions - One complete package (box) is $10.95
Individual Supplies:
Hand Sanitizer
Wipes - individual package
Beef Jerky
Peanuts - small package
Hard Candy
Fruit - in pop top cans
Rice Krispie Treats
Peanut Butter - pop top
Sunflower Seeds - individual package
Cookies - homemade or store bought
Toothbrushes - small
Toothpaste - small
Hand Lotion - small
Mouthwash - small
Any Individually Wrapped Goodies